JAN 28

from of the plantation bed and breakfast

Check out this 5 star Google Reviews review by Laura Wyatt: He wore a suit for her, she curled her hair for him. They went to dinner and then they drove through the fog and rain and stayed at a place that felt like home. From the front door to the back yard, the feeling was that we were at grandma’s house (the good one). We went up a steep staircase to a beautiful room with a fireplace and balcony door that we left open and listened to the rain. Amazing shower with soap dispenser, which was awesome because we didn’t bring any. Adjustable shower head and a jacuzzi tub too, although a bit small. Truly relaxing stay in the Sequoia Room, and we woke up to a gourmet breakfast service on fine china and gold silverware. I believe this stay was worth every penny. I just wish that we could have stayed longer. See the review on Google Reviews HERE.

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